Diabetes Queensland telehealth consultations

About your Diabetes Queensland telehealth consultation

This consultation is delivered by a Credentialled Diabetes Educator, and is the same as a regular appointment – just using a phone or video connection. You will still be able to give them all the same information you normally would, and by video they will be able to talk face-to-face and explain things in a way that suits you.

Getting ready

A few days before:

A few days before your appointment you should gather your blood glucose readings and medication list from your GP or other health provider. Please bring along any other medical information you think is important. This will help us provide the best advice to you.

If you are at home, bringing your medications safely to the appointment can help us learn what drugs you are taking and how we can improve your diabetes management.

Please consider writing down any questions you might like answered during your appointment, so that you can ask these of your diabetes educator.

On the day of the appointment:

About 10 minutes before your appointment is about to start, please click on the link in the text message you received to open your telehealth appointment. This will allow you to check that everything is working. You should see your face in the video screen.

You can use any device that has a camera and connects to the internet. This can be a phone, tablet, or computer.

If you are using a mobile device in a place that does not have good internet connections, or you are having issues with data, please let us know and we will call you and conduct the appointment by phone. We can also call you if you prefer to speak over the phone and find this easier.

Try to ensure that you are in a peaceful and quiet environment. Try to reduce any disruptions that might be caused by children, other adults, pets, appliances like washing machines. Closing doors (when safe for children and others) can help. Please check that you are in a well-lit place, where it is easy to see your face.

Support person

You are able to have a support person/s with you for your video consult.  They might support you, be there to listen, or take notes about the consult for you. Your Diabetes Educator will ask if it is okay for them to be with you at the start of the appointment.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about preparing for this consult, please call 1800 177 055 or email info@diabetesqld.org.au for more information.

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