Type 2 diabetes and me – Online course

Learn how to live well with diabetes  

The National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) has developed a free online learning program to help you learn more about living with type 2 diabetes, show you where to go for support and provide you with links to additional information. 

  • Learn on-the-go with your mobile 
  • Easy to use, anytime, anywhere 
  • Interactive learning with videos 
  • Freedom to start and stop at any point 
  • Complete as much or as little as you like-the choice is yours.  

There are 10 short topics and you can go through them in any order at any time:

  • Understanding diabetes 
  • Balancing your blood glucose level 
  • First steps to healthy eating 
  • First steps to being active 
  • Balancing your medication 
  • Checking how you are tracking 
  • Your diabetes health checks 
  • Supporting your emotional health 
  • Travel, driving and sick days 
  • Getting the support you need.  

Start learning today. Get started at ndss.com.au 

Join our community of over 33,000 people living with diabetes