Diabetes education workshops

Diabetes Queensland offer short 2 – 3 hour, group-based workshops to support people living with diabetes.  

Come and share your experiences with other people living with diabetes and ask the questions you need answered. Simply choose one or more topics that you would like to learn more about. You are welcome to bring a partner, friend or support person along with you.  

Carb Smart

This three-hour workshop will help clear up any myths and give you the facts about carbohydrates. You will receive practical information about food and diabetes, choosing quality carbohydrates, daily carbohydrate needs and how carbohydrates impact your blood glucose levels. For people with type 2 or gestational diabetes 

Carb Counting

No matter which type of diabetes you have, having an awareness of carbohydrate (carb) food sources can assist with your diabetes management. Carb Counting is a free online learning program to help you recognise foods that contain carbs. You will also learn different methods and tools to count carbs including, counting carbs in 15g exchanges, 10g portions and grams. Find out more about the 11 modules in the Carb Counting program, no registration required. Access the Carb Counting online program today.

Foot Smart

This two-hour workshop will teach you all you need to know about checking and caring for your feet. You will learn about how diabetes affects your feet, daily foot care, and how to prevent infection and other complications. For people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 

Med Smart

This two-hour workshop will help you understand what your diabetes medications are, what they do and how to address any concerns you may have. You will receive information about how medications work, reading medication labels, insulin, and side effects. For people with type 2 diabetes. 

Monitor Smart

This two-hour workshop will cover important details about glucose monitoring: when to check; and how to interpret your results. You can also participate in a practical demonstration checking your own blood glucose levels using your own meter. For people with type 2 diabetes 

Shop Smart

In this three-hour workshop you will receive practical information about how to interpret food labels and make healthier choices when grocery shopping. For people with all types of diabetes.  

Living with Insulin

Living with Insulin is designed for people living with type 1 or type diabetes who use insulin to help manage their diabetes. This program is suitable for people who have recently started using insulin and those who have been using insulin for a while but would like to learn more. You can find upcoming workshops on our event calendar.

Living with Insulin online learning program offers 10 interactive modules, including insulin types and storage, injecting techniques, monitoring glucose levels, and managing everyday living with insulin, from travel to eating out. You can choose to do one or all ten modules at a pace that suits you, no registration is required. Access the free elearning modules.

Ready Set Go, Let’s move

For people living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, our 3-hour workshop will help you get active and stay on track with your physical activity. You can find upcoming workshops on our events calendar.

The successful Ready Set Go, Let’s Move program is also available as a free online learning program. In this program, you will learn about the benefits of moving more, create a plan to get started, and where to get support if you need it. Packed with helpful resources and videos, this program contains four interactive modules. You can complete the program in about 2 hours or at your own pace on a laptop, tablet or desktop computer.

To sign-up for the online program and start reaching your physical activity goals today, visit Ready Set Go online.   

Insulin Pump workshop

This two-hour basic skills workshop is suitable for those considering a pump or those wanting a refresher. For people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes (18+). This workshop is also suitable for parents of children with diabetes. 


There is no cost to attend these workshops but bookings are essential. To register, or for more informationplease call us on 1800 637 700 or email events@diabetesqld.org.au 

For a full list of Diabetes Queensland events in all Queensland locations, see our events calendar. 

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