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At Diabetes Queensland an important part of our service is to advocate on behalf of people living with diabetes. When you are diagnosed with diabetes, you are diagnosed with more than a medical condition. There are many other hurdles and issues that you are faced with.  Some of these are unique to you, but most are faced by many other people also living with diabetes.

By bringing people together as a community, we can identify common problems and issues, and work to make changes.

Common areas are discrimination, access to services, educationinsurance, and workplace issues. We can work to resolve these issues on an individual level, but we can also collate the experiences and voices of our members to make a strong and loud argument to our governments and agencies.

Our ability to effectively advocate for changes depends on hearing your voice, so please share your experiences with us. If there is a situation in your daily life where you face additional pressures, let us know through our Online Community Platform, and help us to shape change.

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