Visualising the future you want for yourself

With the start of the New Year many of us are busy making resolutions and setting ourselves goals. To keep us on track we might tell our friends, or write them down. But have you ever thought of using a vision board? As the name implies vision boards are a visual representation of your goals and they can be a great way to help you prioritise your hopes, goals and positive intentions for the coming year.

So what does a vision board look like?

A vision board is a board that you have created using a collage of words, pictures, or anything else that represents your goals, desires and values. The act of creating your vision board is powerful because the meaning of it relates specifically to you. The stronger the feelings and emotions behind creating and appreciating your vision board, the better the outcomes you’re likely to achieve. That’s because your vision board helps you prioritise and focus on what is most important to you.

So how do vision boards work?

Modern psychology tells us that the mind can be a very powerful tool in creating your reality. Visualisation works by stimulating your mind and switching on your feelings and emotions. What you pay attention to, and regularly picture in your mind, becomes a focus. Olympic athletes have been using these techniques for decades to enhance performance and ability. Psychologists have found that when an athlete is visualising achieving their goal, they use the same part of the brain as they do when actually physically achieving those goals. The visualisation creates an easier pathway to reaching their goals. Sounds great, doesn’t it? So how do you get started?

Creating your vision board

Start by collecting some or all of the following items:

  • Poster size cardboard/paper/canvas/white board/or anything else you find appropriate
  • Photos/the internet/magazines/old books/small mirror
  • Printed or cut out photos, pictures, words that strongly relate to your goals
  • Glue/tape/magnets/markers

Then take the following steps to create your personal board:

  1. Carefully think about what your goals and intentions look like, write them down being as specific as possible, remembering to prioritise them.
  1. Search the internet, old magazines, photos, books and more to find pictures and words that represent what you have written as your goal or intentions – print/tear/or cut it out – ready to be stuck to your board.
  1. Create your board in a way that pleases you and encourages positive feelings and emotions using the materials you have found. Be as creative as you like, put detail in as needed to provoke feelings/emotions that match your positive intentions.
  1. Display it where you spend a lot of time, for example, in your bedroom or kitchen. Spend time looking at your board as often as possible and enjoy visualising achieving your goals. Make this a daily routine and you will find that a few minutes, several times a day, will soon build your motivation and action.

Keep up the routine until you reach your goals. If your goals change, create a new board. Avoid throwing away vision boards that no longer serve a purpose because you may like to go back and reflect on them and celebrate your achievements.

Give this creative goals-based technique a try. It may be just the motivation you need to start off your year

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