The power of standing together

Diabetes Queensland CEO Sturt Eastwood said the organisation is committed to improving the lives of people with diabetes through advocacy, support and education, as well as helping to prevent type 2 diabetes.

“You become part of the diabetes community when you become a member. If one person speaks up, it’s hard to get decision-makers to listen. If I speak to government on behalf of 35,000 Diabetes Queensland members, politicians are more likely to listen,” Mr Eastwood said.

“We are powerful when we stand together.”

Mr Eastwood, who lives with type 1 diabetes, knows that some day-to-day aspects of life, such as getting a driver’s licence or getting through a school day, is more challenging because of diabetes.

“We take your thoughts, challenges and ideas to politicians and other decision makers and try to get changes made. We have a louder voice with our members alongside us.”

That strong voice is important in raising awareness and fighting misconceptions and discrimination that exist for people living with diabetes, he said.

Funding research to help find a cure is also an important organisational goal.

“Every cent spent on research grows the collective scientific knowledge about diabetes. We know the progress on islet cell transplants and implants has been informed by many different areas of diabetes research,” Mr Eastwood said.

People have reported that being a member makes a real difference in the management of their diabetes.

Phone and email access to health professionals, dietitians and exercise physiologists means that people receive factual advice.

Also, publications such as Circle are an important source of information for people who have diabetes. This magazine is produced exclusively for members and includes helpful information on nutrition, health and lifestyle tips.

If you have just been diagnosed or would like to maintain healthy habits, Diabetes Queensland membership provides you with the next level of support.

Exercise the power of your membership and let us know what advocacy areas are important to you in this members-only survey conducted by Diabetes Queensland.

Please follow this link –  – to the survey, which covers a range of policy areas from prevention to in-hospital care, across all types of diabetes.  Please have your say!

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