Nurses are in the spotlight this World Diabetes Day

The theme for this year’s World Diabetes Day 2020 is The Nurse and Diabetes.

The campaign aims to raise awareness around the crucial role that nurses play in supporting people living with diabetes.

Many of our peer support groups are supported by nurses in our community as well as other allied health professionals who started their career as nurses.

Diabetes Queensland has posters and social media tiles available on our website for people to download and share within their networks. Please feel free to share the link below with contacts who may be looking for collateral:

Role of nurses is increasingly important

Nurses currently account for over half of the global health workforce.

They support people living with a wide range of health concerns including diabetes.

People living with diabetes face a number of challenges, and education is vital to equip nurses with the skills to support them. As the number of people with diabetes continues to rise, the role of nurses and other health professional support staff becomes increasingly important.

More education and funding needed

There remains a significant need for more education and funding to equip nurses around the world with the skills to support people living with diabetes and those at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

On behalf of people living with, and affected by diabetes, governments around the world are being asked to recognise and advance the role of nurses in diabetes care.

You can help spread the word about diabetes by following this link to the International Diabetes Federation and getting involved in some of the federation’s activities.





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