Ngarupai (Horn) Island Diabetes Update

In early December, members of the Diabetes Australia and Diabetes Queensland team delivered a face-to-face Diabetes Update on Ngarupai for Healthy Lifestyle Officers and Indigenous Knowledge Centre Coordinators.

Participants came from Mabuig, Warraber, Badu, Erub, Coconut and Murray Islands on Zenadth Kes Country.

Ngarupai (Horn) Island health professionals and Indigenous Knowledge Centre Coordinators from the outer islands.

Left to right: Niki Mackie, Tigi Bani (middle), Elsie Whap (back), Patricia Harry (front), Grace Ward (back), Cassandra Baira (front), Tony Harry, Ruby Billy (back), Lala Barsa (front), Trent Lyon, Deanne Minniecon, Stella Boyd-Ford

NQPHN helps with travel and accommodation

The North Queensland Primary Health Network co-funded the travel and accommodation for Tony Harry, Patricia Harry, Elsie Whap, Cassandra (Sandra) Baira, Lala Barsa, Niki Mackie, Ruby Billy and Tigi Bani to meet for the training held on Ngarupai Island.

Diabetes Update Education

The Diabetes Update Education program provided upskilling for the participants to deliver diabetes education workshops with community members and their families. Each of the participants received a Feltman tool to assist in their diabetes sessions when back home.

Most importantly, the stories shared by the local health care providers was an invaluable learning experience.

Challenges and solutions shared during Diabetes Update

First hand stories about living with diabetes were shared. Importantly, they included the challenges and benefits of living in remote areas. Also discussed were solutions to some limited options for healthy living. Social and emotional health and wellbeing emerged as a factor. It particularly affects the young ones with making healthy choices and the importance of learning from our Elders.

Through working with these remote communities we are not only able to provide education and resources, we also learn new aspects culture which helps us to build better education programs.

A deadly learning experience

A deadly culturally eye opening learning experience that taught us so much!

Eso! Thank you!

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