New Year’s Resolutions

Given the challenges of 2020, we recommend aiming for achievable and fun new year’s resolutions in 2021. While goals can be a great way to get us motivated, they can also be a source of disappointment if we set goals that are unrealistic.

Make a plan and keep it simple to begin with

When looking at the year ahead, instead of planning 101 things to achieve in a short period of time, you could choose just one activity (one that includes some physical activity is ideal) and commit to doing it once per month. This could be a visit to a beach you’ve always wanted to go to or trialling a new exercise class (many offer the first class for free). By the end of the year you will have experienced 12 new beaches or maybe found a new activity that you really enjoy. By making your goal time-realistic you will be setting yourself up for success.

Think before you buy

The beginning of a new year brings a wealth of health and fitness deals, including memberships, equipment and gadgets. But will that purchase really be the sure-fire way to get you healthy and fit? If there is one thing we have learnt from 2020, it is that exercise really can be done anywhere and there is almost always an alternative option to gym equipment. All you need is a little imagination. If you are stuck for ideas, try calling our experienced exercise physiologists at our Contact Centre on 1800 177 055 or try visiting the Exercise Right website for some home workout ideas.

If you haven’t given our Beat It program a go yet, maybe this is the year to try it out? It is a free 8-week exercise program incorporating exercise and education for those living with diabetes. You can read more about it here.

Set goals that are FUN to achieve and include friends

Goals that are centred around physical activity and fitness don’t have to just be for the marathon runner out there. Do you like to walk? Why not enter your first ‘event walk’. The good thing about these events is that most offer different distances to complete. They are also often associated with a great charitable cause. Getting involved in something with a friend or partner is always more fun and helps keep you accountable.

Diabetes Queensland regularly runs the Great Ocean Road Trek as a fundraising event for our community. It is definitely a challenge but it is also incredibly fulfilling. However, with Covid restrictions changing all the time, this year we have launched an additional virtual event. While the physical event is still scheduled for the end of May, the virtual event will provide an alternative for people who would prefer to stay in their local area. The event is free to enter and everyone who raises over $50 receives a t-shirt. There are great prizes up for grabs for the top fundraisers. Funds raised provide advocacy support and psychological care for people living with diabetes, and assist in the search for better treatments and a cure. You can find out more here.


Bianca Penning, AEP

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