Minus 300 kilojoules daily for every decade to maintain weight

Dietitian and author extraordinaire Trudy Williams has some heartening advice for people who want to lose weight now that it’s 2019.

“Great meals with real food is the goal. You need to understand what you’re eating,” Trudy said.

Trudy was discussing her portion size publication “this=that”, a photo reference book that is a food guide to serving sizes. It was reviewed in last month’s Uturn enewsletter.

Trudy’s other big message was that we need to know the amount of food we can eat without gaining weight decreases for every decade we live.

Daily kilojoule intake to maintain current weight

Age Female Male
20 yrs 8620 kJ (2060 cals) 9570 kJ (2290 cals)
30 yrs 8330 kJ (1990 cals) 9280 kJ (2220 cals)
40 yrs 8040 kJ (1920 cals) 8990 kJ (2150 cals)
50 yrs 7755 kJ (1850 cals) 8700 kJ (2080 cals)
60 yrs 7470 kJ (1780 cals) 8420 kJ (2010 cals)
70 yrs 7180 kJ (1710 cals) 8130 kJ (1940 cals)

“For every 10 years you age, you need to cut back by 250 to 300 kilojoules daily,” Trudy said.

“Unless you start adapting your eating style to match your reduced kilojoule needs, the weight will creep on.”

Of course, that equation changes according to your exercise habits, but I’m an older woman (how do you describe yourself when you realise middle aged and turning 114 is not possible?) who tries to avoid strenuous exertion.

I’m not proud of it, but it’s true. I don’t want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Shoot me.

Here’s another truism. Males get to eat and drink more than females.

“A man needs about 950kJ more than a woman of the same age, weight, height and activity level. So girls, serve a little less food (in terms of kilojoules) and drink less alcohol than the man in your life unless you want to gain weight,” Trudy said.

She also cautions those of us who have lost weight.

“After you lose weight, you need fewer kilojoules. Slimmer people need less food,” she said.

“For every 10kg you lose, you need to cut back by about 600kJ daily to keep the weight loss cycle happening or prevent regain.

“You need to adapt or adjust your eating plan properly.”

Finally, if you want to lose weight, you need to reduce your daily intake by about 1,000 kilojoules.

Trudy urges readers to know how many serves to eat if your natural appetite regulation is unreliable.

Her book, “this=that”, can help you work out how much you can eat of what food to help you maintain or lose weight, without counting kilojoules.

“I wanted to make your choices easy, because you can control what choices you make if you know the consequences. You’re not just letting it happen to you.

“You don’t have to be a puritan.”

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