Meaghan works to find out the model diabetes peer support group

Hello to you all!  My name is Meaghan Read and I have just started working with the NDSS on the National Adult Peer Support priority project.  The aim of this project is to create a nationally consistent model for organisations supporting diabetes peer support groups.

Initial stage

The first part of this project will be to touch base with all of the diabetes organisations around Australia about their involvement with peer support. I will speak with peer support group convenors about your experiences as well as your wants and needs to enable peer support to flourish across the country.

Peer support advocate

Peer Support is an area of great passion for me and I love to advocate for the important role that peer support can play in living with diabetes.

Lived 34 years with diabetes

I have lived with diabetes for 34 years and have been lucky enough to have been involved in a variety of different peer support groups on my journey. The people I have met, the things I have learnt, and the support I have received have been paramount to my health and happiness today.

Stay tuned

I am excited to hear about the wonderful things that peer support groups are doing around the country and to learn from you, the true peer support experts.  Stay tuned for more information and updates on the progress of this important project.


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