Luis is overcoming a family legacy of type 2

Luis’s father and grandfather both had type 2 diabetes, but it was still a shock when he was diagnosed with the condition in his early 30s.

Luis had the advantage of knowing what can happen if you ignore your diabetes.

Tragic complications

“My Dad lost his vision and his legs. He had an old-fashioned attitude and kept eating and drinking anything he wanted.

“He thought having his magic pill was all he had to do.”

Luis’s father paid a high price for putting his faith in medication only.


“I want to help with the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes,” Luis wrote when he contacted our organisation to offer his support.

“I have a story that I want to share with everybody in Australia who is battling this silent disease.

A long game

“I was diagnosed at 34 and now I’m 46 years old. This story is a long fight and I am winning. I took many years to realize the importance of proper care and nutrition, exercise, and managing stress,” Luis said in a later interview. “These factors can impact your life massively.”

Luis changed his diet, worked very hard at the gym, and now his HbA1c (two- or three-monthly blood glucose average) is 6.9%. He has lost 40kg and at 176cm tall now weighs 80kg. Importantly, a recent scan showed his body fat has decreased from 35% to 17%.

A wakeup call

“Changing your lifestyle is the key,” Luis says.

“A diagnosis of diabetes is not a curse. It’s a wakeup call that can lead you to the right path for better health.

Small changes win the battle

“Small changes that you can sustain is the key.

“It’s never too late to start.”

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