Can we learn from Victoria’s COVID experience?

Even in the middle of lockdown restrictions across Victoria, our colleagues have continued to be there for support groups across the state.

Giovanna Taverna (pictured) and Megan Higgs are the face of Diabetes Victoria as they continue to deliver the Diabetes Victoria Support Groups Program.

The program is a service offered by Diabetes Victoria to facilitate and empower all members of diabetes support groups. The program:

  • Provides information to members and the general public about Diabetes Victoria.
  • Facilitates and coordinates community education forums in metropolitan Melbourne, regional and rural areas.
  • Works with health care professionals including dietitians, podiatrists and diabetes educators to raise awareness of diabetes complications and management.
  • Advocates for change and better lifestyle options through community support and education.

Find out more about the program and meet Giovanna via video at this link.

Tell us what you think about the Diabetes Victoria Support Groups Program. Maybe there are things that they are doing that we can adopt? Just send us an email by clicking on this link:

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