How government support and diabetes groups work

Diabetes Queensland understands the importance of people with diabetes being able to meet with others who live with the same condition. That’s why we administer grants from the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) to help peer support groups meet.

What is the NDSS?

Research has shown that people who know more about their diabetes enjoy better health. The NDSS is a Federal Government initiative which works to help people living with diabetes get the services and support they need to self-manage their condition.

Most importantly, being registered with the NDSS allows you to buy subsidised diabetes products, at a cheaper price than available to the public.

Free phone helpline

The NDSS also provides a free, national phone helpline which offers information about diabetes and helps you learn about education programs, peer support groups and other events. Ring us on 1800 637 700 if we can help with anything to do with your diabetes.

An important function of the NDSS is to help you connect with other people who have diabetes.

Facilitators make it happen

Sharing your experiences with others who face the daily challenges of managing diabetes can help you feel less alone.

Facilitators, or group organisers, play an important role in maintaining the relevance, effectiveness and appeal of support groups.

Often, facilitators undertake their role out of hours, without pay, and on top of work and family obligations.

Grants program to help with costs

In recognition of their importance, Diabetes Queensland administers a grants program to help facilitators undertake their role. This may include money towards event catering, venue hire, guest speakers, recruitment of new members and marketing.

If you would like to explore grant opportunities that may be available for your group, please contact us by email at

Nothing replaces Health Professional advice

While there are many benefits from peer support, it doesn’t replace the advice you get from your health professional.

Also, support groups are not always right for everybody. Some people are more private and prefer to discuss their concerns with one of their health team.

NDSS diabetes information

While support from your peers will provide information and support, it’s unlikely to address all of your concerns around diabetes.

The NDSS website is a useful source of information around peer support and other diabetes-related topics.


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