Discover the most read articles of 2020

It’s never entirely predictable when analysis of the Diabetes Queensland website presents the most read articles of the year.

This year was even trickier than most because we launched our new website in May. We haven’t got open rates on stories before then, which includes a lot of our COVID-19 coverage.

Because of this, we’ve included some stories we know were rating in your top picks before May. All of these stories inform our health professionals and other staffers about the topics you find most interesting. Most importantly, they are what you want or need to read.

Top reads of 2020

The pros and cons of Ryzodeg, a new insulin, was in your top picks, along with information about COVID-19. Breaking news stories such as the man living with type 1 in the US overcoming COVID-19 were of great interest.

It was a particularly anxious time for many of us living with diabetes because no one knew much about the new virus. Early reports showed that people with diabetes were not more at risk of catching the disease but we developed more severe illness or were at greater risk of dying if we did.

The worst of the pandemic is a great period to have in our rear-view mirrors. Sue Lister was just as happy to have her quarantine hotel as a bad memory after her cruise was cancelled mid-journey in March. Home and her kitchen had never looked so good. This story was posted before May so apologies for no link. However, we know you read this interview in your thousands.

At a time when many news organisations were reporting that audiences were sick of COVID-19 stories, many of our readers tuned into the latest research about whether you can contract the virus from takeaway containers. Thankfully, it’s highly unlikely.

Close to the top of your most-read list was our 10 things not to say to people with diabetes. Right up there was the old chestnut “Should you be eating that?” That’s definitely one we wish people would avoid.

What can’t be avoided for many people with diabetes is the pain and discomfort that comes from diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Creams to ease your burning feet was unfortunately one of our most read stories, which points to the number of readers who endure this symptom. Stoicism is a common quality among people living with living with diabetes.

Did you know hot weather can affect diabetes? We suspect you did because many people read the story and found out what can be done to mitigate extreme heat, just in time for this sizzling Queensland summer.

Introducing Fiasp and farewelling Lantus were also of interest to you, as well as real-life tips about how to get rid of those nasty COVID kilos. It’s not only people with diabetes who worry about those, but perhaps that’s a matter for January. We deserve to enjoy this Christmas and New Year in particular. Our caring dietitians remind us to make it a day of celebrating rather than a month. It’s a caveat we have to include but will probably not follow.

Cooking tips carb lovers need to know was a big hit. There is no one easy fix for diabetes but every little bit of healthy eating helps.

To round out our most popular stories was an article about thrush and fungal infections which can flourish with diabetes. Sometimes it’s the topics we don’t like to discuss that we’re most grateful to read about.

Keeping that in mind, we expect to break the internet next year when we report on Sex and Diabetes! That’s a story for 2021.


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