Brisbane lights bridges blue for National Diabetes Week

The Story and Victoria Bridges in Brisbane will glow blue from Monday July 13 to Thursday July 16 to announce it’s 2020 National Diabetes Week.

Banners will be erected across the Story Bridge in both the inbound and outbound lanes to promote the importance of the week, as well as a banner from July 6 to 19 across Caxton Street in Paddington.

This year Diabetes Queensland’s raising awareness during the week of the toll caused by diabetes on the emotional wellbeing of people living with the condition.

The emotional burden of diabetes comes from the dozens of extra decisions people with the condition need to make every day.

As Diabetes Queensland CEO Sturt Eastwood, who lives with type 1 diabetes, said, “The burden of these decisions can weigh you down in the best of times, let alone during a pandemic.

“Some of the things people living with diabetes have to think about include ‘What are my blood glucose levels? Why have they gone high? Why are they low? Are my levels OK to drive? How many carbs are in that meal? Can I eat that piece of fruit? Why does my monitor keep beeping?’ and much more.”

This year’s National Diabetes Week is from Sunday July 12 to Saturday July 18.

Join our community of over 33,000 people living with diabetes