DiaBuddies Days across Qld for families living with type 1

Diabuddies Day


Diabetes Queensland has introduced special days for children with type 1 diabetes and their parents, siblings and carers who want to have fun and meet other families living with type 1. 


DiaBuddies Days are for children aged 0-14 years old and provide a fun, safe environment and valuable family time for those recently diagnosed or living with diabetes.


See if there is an event planned for a location near you.


How do children benefit?

Living with type 1 diabetes can be an isolating experience. 


Children may feel different because they need to monitor their blood glucose levels, inject insulin, measure carbohydrates, and balance having an active and healthy life.


They may be the only person in their school or community living with diabetes.


DiaBuddies Days helps children and their parents and carers to feel less isolated.


The day includes diabetes education and social activities, together with emotional support. Children get to meet others and make friends going through the same things in a fun and relaxed environment. This helps lift their confidence as they share their experiences with each other. 


How do parents/carers benefit?

DiaBuddies Days give parents and carers a chance to discuss their issues, share experiences, and meet with qualified health professionals including diabetes educators, dietitians and exercise physiologists, who are there to offer valuable advice and support.


Diabetes Queensland will be hosting DiaBuddies Days in the following locations (stay tuned for further updates on venues):



27th July 2019 

Koojarewon Youth Camp, Highfields


24 August 2019 

venue tbc

Moreton Bay

14 September 2019

venue tbc


26 October 2019

venue tbc


9 November 2019

venue tbc


7 December 2019

venue tbc

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