Help clients with new online ‘Type 2 diabetes and me’

t2D and Me


If you have clients who would learn about type 2 diabetes on their home computer from a free simple program, the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) has developed a free online resource.


The learning program, called "Type 2 diabetes and me", will help clients learn more about living with diabetes, show them where to go for support, and provide them with links to extra information.


The program allows clients to:


  • Choose from 10 short topics
  • Learn on-the-go with their mobile
  • Easy to use, anytime, anywhere
  • Interactive learning with videos
  • Freedom to start and stop at any point - their progress is saved
  • Complete as much or as little as the client likes. The choice is theirs. 


Topics include:


  • Understanding diabetes
  • Balancing blood glucose levels
  • First steps to healthy eating
  • First steps to being active
  • Balancing medication
  • Checking how they are tracking
  • Diabetes health checks
  • Supporting emotional health
  • Travel, driving and sick days
  • Getting the support they need. 


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