Qld kids with t1 not on target

The care of Queensland children with diabetes is suboptimal by several measures, according to a peer review of 14 centres that provide care for most children (97 per cent) across the state's public system.


A report in the limbic e-newsletter for health professionals stated the mean HbA1c across Queensland was 9.1 per cent, which is higher than the 8.3 per cent found in a 2017 national audit of young people who attend one of the five largest paediatric diabetes centres in the country.


In the Queensland data, only 21 per cent of patients met the national HbA1c target of <7.5 per cent, which is lower than the national figure of 27 per cent.


The study found 44 per cent of 228 new patients had presented with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), suggesting that type 1 diabetes was widely under-recognised in the primary care setting.


The study also highlighted limitations in staffing levels across all disciplines, especially in psychology and social work, as well as data collection and reporting.

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