Beryl marks 60 years with diabetes

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Sixty years after she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a 10 year old, Stafford Heights' Beryl Andriske has received a medal to mark the occasion.


"Looking back on it, I don't think any of us thought about what a big deal my diagnosis was for Mum," Beryl said.


"Mum used to have to boil up the syringes for my insulin injections on a metho primus stove morning and night, every day.


"She took such great care of me."


Unlike type 2 diabetes, the onset of type 1 cannot be predicted or slowed through treatment or through diet or exercise. It is an autoimmune condition which results in the destruction of insulin producing cells in the pancreas. More than 22,000 Queenslanders have type 1 diabetes and must inject synthetic insulin several times a day.


The challenge for people injecting insulin is finding the delicate balance between the danger of a coma caused by hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose) on one hand and the deadly risk of diabetic ketoacidosis, caused by hyperglycaemia (high blood glucose), on the other.


Beryl celebrated her 60th anniversary of living with diabetes at a gathering of Kellion Victory Medal recipients, staged on Sunday by Diabetes Queensland to highlight World Diabetes Day on November 14 at the Kedron-Wavell Services Club. It was a particularly special presentation for Diabetes Queensland as Beryl is a much loved long-term volunteer and supporter of the charity.


The medals were presented by Dr Alan Stocks AM of the Kellion Diabetes Foundation.

Beryl, who is a fond and experienced traveller, said the Kellion presentations help to encourage positivity, perseverance and responsibility in managing diabetes.


"Diabetes has given me an opportunity to walk the talk on dealing with a chronic condition to show myself and others what can be achieved," she said.


"Every day is a chance for new beginnings, and to chase a cure."



World Diabetes Day is November 14 2018, a day to appreciate the role family plays and the many ways they help us all to maintain good health and wellbeing.  #mydiabetesfamily 

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