Michelle retires after 10 years

Earlier this month, Diabetes Queensland's long-serving CEO Michelle Trute announced her retirement.


We are sad to see her go, and wish Michelle all the best as she begins this new chapter in life's journey, with opportunities to travel and explore the world with her husband Robert. We are certain few mountains will be left un-trekked or rivers and oceans un-charted.


We will say good-bye to Michelle in August as we reflect on the tremendous advances Diabetes Queensland has achieved in recent times.


"Diabetes Queensland is a robust organisation with a number of strings to our bow. To ensure that it remains that way and to create minimal disruption to the organisation, the board of Diabetes Queensland has asked Sturt Eastwood, CEO of Diabetes NSW/ACT, to act as interim CEO for the time being," she said.


"This is good timing for diabetes organisations in the current climate and spirit of sharing information and resources across geographical boundaries. 


"Collectively, we will be able to review opportunities that can be adopted from one to another, all in the guise of ensuring the person with diabetes has the best access to support and education."


On behalf of members and the Queensland diabetes community, Diabetes Queensland President, Craig Beyers, thanked Michelle for her 10 years of service and immense contribution to diabetes advocacy and planning in Queensland and at the national level.


Craig said Diabetes Queensland is known for its effective representation and in forging successful partnerships to help fight diabetes and improve community understanding of chronic disease.


"Although Michelle will be missed, our excellent services to members and supporters will continue. Our organisation, its executive and board of directors remain committed to the cause and there will be little change from an external perspective," he said.

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