If you can’t feel your feet, consider this research

People with type 2 diabetes may develop foot nerve damage, (peripheral neuropathy), as a complication.


Symptoms might include: numbness of the feet; coldness in the legs; tingling or pins and needles in the feet; burning pain in the feet and legs. Peripheral neuropathy can affect balance and walking, and increase the risk of falling.


Researchers at The University of Queensland are seeking participants for a trial of different shoe insoles which may improve balance, walking and foot sensation in adults with type 2 diabetes and peripheral neuropathy.


I'm interested, what would be involved?

You would be given a pair of shoe insoles to wear for four weeks.


Across two sessions we will measure the feeling in your feet, standing balance, and walking ability whilst barefoot, wearing shoes, and two different insoles (textured and smooth).


You will be required to wear a small wireless activity monitor for two weeks, and complete three short surveys relating to your general health, diabetes, foot health, falls, and experience wearing the insoles.


Am I eligible to take part?

To be eligible to participate in this trial you MUST: 

  • be aged 18 years or older 
  • have type 2 diabetes and peripheral neuropathy
  • live in South East Queensland
  • be able to walk over 20 metres with/without an aid (e.g., walking stick)
  • be willing to wear shoe insoles for four weeks.


There are some medical conditions that would make you ineligible to take part.


Please contact Dr Anna Hatton, ph 3365 4590 or email to find out more.


What will I receive for taking part?

Participants will be remunerated for their transport to and from The University of Queensland (St Lucia campus) for assessments, by way of return taxi fares (within the Brisbane region) or day car parking.

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