Continuous Monitoring made possible by constant efforts, says Diabetes Qld chief

Eighteen months ago, Diabetes Queensland told the story of a Super Star toddler, Kingston Shooter, his mum Natasha Elliott and their terrifying encounter with type 1 diabetes, Diabetes Queensland CEO Michelle Trute said in a statement this week.


"Kingston became the Queensland face of a national campaign to win Government-funded access to Continuous Glucose Monitoring, a wonderful new technology that greatly improves the lives of people with type 1 diabetes and reduces the daily dangers it can pose.


Through Natasha's eyes, we told the world about the experiences of so many mums and young kids when type 1 arrives unannounced.


With their valuable help, the combined efforts of Diabetes Queensland and many other diabetes support organisations - the JDRF, DANII foundation, as well as diabetes educators and health practitioners - were successful. Thanks to these efforts, for the first time a Federal Government subsidy is now providing Continuous Glucose Monitoring to 4,000 children and young people.


Type 1 is an autoimmune condition. It cannot be predicted or prevented and for the parents of young children with type 1, the heavy burden of responsibility can mean years of sleepless nights and worry over insulin dosing and the constant danger of deadly hypoglycaemia.


Most people know that all types of diabetes require constant attention to monitor blood glucose levels. Traditionally, this involves finger prick tests, with glucose levels read off a meter. All those living with type 1 require these levels to be balanced with insulin, injected from a needle or an infusion pump.


CGM uses an implant to provide users - or for very young children, their mums and dads - with a never-ending read out of current glucose levels, as well as trends and forecasts.


What may have seemed in the past to be a guessing game with dangerous consequences is replaced with a window into diabetes that enables users to be truly confident about their insulin treatment.


The CGM program is a tremendous example to Diabetes Queensland and our members about our capacity to make real improvements for people with diabetes. We will continue to work for our members and raise the collective voice of the diabetes community to anyone who will listen.


Already we are on the case to further extend access to CGM. We must fight to be able to offer this access to everyone with diabetes who might benefit. Our job isn't done, but this example shows that governments will listen!


In the coming months Diabetes Queensland will be conducting weekly webinars to advise you about eligibility for CGM and other aspects of this scheme."

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