Texts from diabetes

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Even if you've been living with diabetes for years and years, it can still take you by surprise.  We've figured out what diabetes would have to say if it could text you. 






Hypos always seem to get you when it's inconvenient or when you least expect it. 

You're such a good friend Hypo...







It doesn't matter what you do, every now and then, your BGLs really will do what they want.

It would be handy if you had some advance warning.  





Hb A1c 


Why, HbA1c, why? What did we ever do to you? 








Any pump wearer will tell you they're guilty of occasionally neglecting the dulcet warning beeps of this handy little device. We love you pump, it's not you, its us. 





Type 1



Sigh. Constant frenemy and companion. 


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