Team working on test to predict diabetes and its complications

Could a test help determine a person's chance of developing type 1 diabetes? Researchers from the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and the Diabetes Clinic at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital certainly hope so.


A $75,000 grant from the Diabetes Research Foundation of Western Australia will help support researchers as they attempt to build on recent breakthroughs in the genetic makeup of type 1 diabetes.


Lead researcher Professor Grant Morahan said the test could have major benefits for families and the health system.


"A test that can be applied at the time of diagnosis and predict someone's lifetime risk of developing diabetic complications - which range from diabetic coma to kidney failure - will be a great help to the children affected, their families, and the clinicians caring for them, as well as saving vital health dollars," Professor Morahan said.


"Likewise, a test that gives us the ability to be able to say that brothers or sisters of a child with type 1 diabetes will likely remain unaffected will also provide relief to anxious families.


"We've discovered that the specific genetic signature a person with type 1 diabetes has indicates the type of health complications they may develop."


Stay tuned for future breakthroughs.

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