Managing diabetes

Managing diabetes

Fresh Start kit

Whether you've just been told you have type 2 diabetes, or have been living with this condition for some time, making sense of diabetes can be confusing or even confronting.


This is why Diabetes Queensland's team of health professionals has developed our Fresh Start Kit; a diabetes start-up pack developed especially for you. A Fresh Start with Diabetes Queensland takes away the guess work and myths, giving you the essential health care information and tools you need to live well, including: 


  • 7 day meal plan - An easy-to-use healthy eating plan
  • Healthy shopping guide - The essential shopping companion to help you make better food choices at the supermarket
  • Label reading bookmark - A handy tool for understanding food labels.
  • Diabetes diary - Designed to make keeping track of your blood glucose levels easier
  • Diabetes question card - Features important things to ask your GP
  • Your Fresh Start includes the added benefit of up to 12 months membership to Diabetes Queensland which includes phone assistance in-between visits to your health care team, our quarterly magazine, monthly enewsletters and more. 


Being part of the Diabetes Queensland Fresh Start family means you'll have unlimited access to phone support from diabetes educators, accredited dietitians and exercise physiologists. You'll also receive a quarterly magazine, support e-newsletters to your inbox, recipe ideas and shopping tips.


"A Fresh Start with Diabetes Queensland has helped to turn my life around."

~ Rick -  Warwick, QLD



We've helped over 50,000 Queensland live a healthier and more active lifestyle with a Fresh Start. So whether you want the most up-to-date information, have questions in-between visits to your health care team, or just need inspiration and support, make today the day you turn your diabetes around with a Fresh Start.


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