Managing diabetes

Managing diabetes

Services and Programs

It is important that good diabetes management habits are established as early as possible after diagnosis.  Diabetes Queensland supports people with type 2 diabetes from the time of diagnosis, and throughout their entire life.



    What is DESMOND? DESMOND is a self-management education course for people living with type 2 diabetes.    This one day course will help you understand and manage the changes type 2 diabetes can bring to your life. Meet and share experiences with others while working...

  • Diabetes education workshops

    Diabetes education workshops

    Diabetes Queensland offers short 2-3 hour workshops for people living with diabetes. These free workshops are designed to help you increase your confidence and improve self-management of diabetes.   Simply choose one or more topics you would like to learn more...

  • EXPOsing diabetes

    EXPOsing diabetes

      EXPOsing diabetes is a comprehensive educational program for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.   Exposing the challenges of living with diabetes, it empowers you to live well with the help of your health care team. The aim is to breakdown the what, why and how of...

  • Fresh Start kit

    Fresh Start kit

    Whether you've just been told you have type 2 diabetes, or have been living with this condition for some time, making sense of diabetes can be confusing or even confronting.   This is why Diabetes Queensland's team of health professionals has developed our Fresh Start Kit; a...