Managing diabetes

Managing diabetes

Services and Programs

We support those with type 1 diabetes from the onset of the condition, and throughout the person's life. It's important that good habits are established as early as possible after diagnosis.


Live Your Life

Live Your Life forums and expos, for type 1 and type 2 diabetes, are exciting events packed with relevant, practical and up to date information. With a variety of topics selected by our team of diabetes health professionals. Topics include ...   more 


Diabetes education workshops

Our workshops are a range of short group education sessions designed to help you better manage your diabetes. If you'd like to learn practical skills that can help to improve your diabetes management, we've got the workshops for you. Diabetes Queensland is excited to offer a range of...   more 


Psychologist on Call service 

Living with diabetes can affect your emotional wellbeing. The day to day challenges can sometimes feel overwhelming but it can be easier to manage with the right support.  Diabetes Queensland provides phone consultations with a professionally trained Psychologist to help you to work through managing stress ... more



    OzDAFNE is a 5 day program for adults with type 1 diabetes who are using pens to inject their insulin.  DAFNE stands for Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating.     It is an evidence-based structured group education program for adults with type 1 diabetes. The interactive group...

  • Type 1 diabetes family seminars

    Type 1 diabetes family seminars

      Join other parents and carers of 9 -16 year-olds with type 1 diabetes at Diabetes Queensland's family events.   Meet other people, share experiences and learn strategies to help support your child with diabetes through the teenage years. Children with type 1 diabetes are welcome...

  • Children with diabetes and school

    If you are a teacher, or work at a school, there will most likely be one or more students at the school who have type 1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is also on the rise among school students, though it is still rare to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at this young age.   It is critical...

  • Pregnancy & diabetes

    Pregnancy & diabetes

    Plan for the Best Start   Pregnancy & diabetes is an information event for women and partners thinking about preparing for a healthy pregnancy. Whether your pregnancy is in your immediate future or years away, this is a great opportunity to learn more about pre-pregnancy planning and...

  • Junior and senior kids camps

    Since 2009, Diabetes Queensland has been funding organisations and health services across Queensland to deliver camps for children with diabetes. Diabetes Queensland Camp Grants Program will provide funding to Camp providers who can deliver Junior Camps (children age 11 years and under) and / or a...

  • DiaBuddies Day

    DiaBuddies Day

    DiaBuddies Days are activity days that help support and connect children living with type 1 diabetes, their families and carers. The days include diabetes education and social activities, together with emotional support to increase confidence.   DiaBuddles days are free for children living...

  • Young people

    Moving On Up Becoming an adult brings all kinds of new responsibilities. For young people with type 1 diabetes this also includes learning to live well with their diabetes.    Moving On Up is a resource designed specifically for young people with type 1 diabetes and...

  • Kellion Awards

    Kellion Awards

    In 1984, Diabetes Queensland responded to a proposal by Dr Alan Stocks to recognise and commemorate Australians who have lived with diabetes for 50, 60 and 70 years or more. The Kellion awards were named after the late Mr Claude Kellion.   Mr Kellion made an outstanding...