Managing diabetes

Managing diabetes

Keeping Active

Exercise and keeping active is important for your health, whether you have diabetes or not.


The Australian Guidelines for Physical Activity provide recommendations for the type of regular exercise that benefits our health.  For more information click here.


The recommended amount of exercise for you will depend on your level of fitness and any other health conditions you may have. Before you start, discuss any big changes to your routine with your healthcare team to ensure you are exercising safely. 


Insulin and physical activity

Regular exercise helps make insulin more effective. Your diabetes health care team can advise you on changes that may need to be made to your normal regimen when you engage in regular physical activity. 


Click here for our guide to BGLs before exercise. 


What do I need to think about?

Information about exercising safely and what to consider before, during and after exercise can be found on the EXPOsing diabetes website.  


Listen to your body

Keeping your blood glucose level stable during exercise means you have to balance insulin and carbohydrates. Check your blood glucose level before, during, and after a training session.