Managing diabetes

Managing diabetes

Healthy Living

There are several important elements to living a healthy life with type 1 diabetes. People with diabetes are recommended to follow the same healthy eating and activity guidelines as the general population (there's no need to follow a special diet!).


It is also important to recognise that diabetes can have a big impact on your mental health and you may need to seek help or put in place strategies to deal with 'diabetes burnout'. 


Engaging with other people with type 1 diabetes - either online or in-person- is an important support tool that many people with type 1 diabetes swear by.  See the list of helpful links for some good places to start engaging with others with type 1.


  • Healthy eating and your diabetes

    Healthy eating and your diabetes

    Choose the right food. Choose a broad variety of foods from the five food groups: breads, cereals, rice, pasta, and noodles fruit vegetables and legumes low-fat dairy lean meat, fish, poultry and nuts   Watch your portions Match your energy intake with your energy output...

  • Keeping Active

    Keeping Active

    Exercise and keeping active is important for your health, whether you have diabetes or not.   The Australian Guidelines for Physical Activity provide recommendations for the type of regular exercise that benefits our health.    The recommended amount of exercise for...

  • Diabetes Health Team

    Diabetes Health Team

    Your diabetes health team is the team you can turn to when needing advice, tests or medical treatment.  A number of health professionals make up the diabetes health care team.   General Practitioner - Your GP remains your primary carer, and works with other members of...

  • Blood Glucose Monitoring

    Blood Glucose Monitoring

    Measuring and recording your blood glucose levels is important, as it helps you understand how your body responds to changes in insulin levels, eating patterns, physical activity and other factors.   A change in the pattern can alert you to possible problems that may need to be discussed...

  • Insulin Pumps

    Insulin Pumps

    What does an insulin pump do? An insulin pump is a small, computerised device worn outside the body, that can easily be hidden under clothing - it looks a little like a pager.  The pump works like a healthy pancreas delivering tiny, regular doses of insulin via a flexible canula that is...