Managing diabetes

Managing diabetes

Going to Hospital

Where possible, appointments should be scheduled early in the morning, allowing for minimal disruption to your diabetes routine.  Make sure you take something to eat after the appointment.


Preparing for Surgery or procedures

Provided you and your health care team are adequately prepared, there is no reason why you should experience any problems with your diabetes during or after surgery. 


Talk to your doctor about the procedure and how it may affect your diabetes. Talk to your doctor about fasting, when you can eat and what modifications you may need to make to your insulin dosage. 


Before surgery


If you are required to fast for surgery, you will need to monitor your blood glucose levels at least four times the day before.  Your health care professional will give you advice on adjusting your insulin. 


Take all your medication with you to hospital, as well as information on required amounts, and how often you take them. Good management of your blood glucose levels in hospital will ensure better recovery.

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