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Coping with Diabetes

Coping with hypos, health emergencies, travel, driving, insulin, discrimination issues and even making decisions on when and what to eat, are all part of coping with type 1 diabetes.


Diabetes Queensland is here to guide and support you along the path to maximising your health potential.

  • When you are unwell

    It is important to have a sick plan in place to help manage your diabetes during times of illness. You will need to discuss your sick day plan with your diabetes health care team.    Contact your doctor or diabetes educator if: You can't eat normally - you probably still...

  • Hypoglycaemia (hypo) and Hyperglycaemia

    While hypoglycaemia occurs when your blood glucose levels drop (usually below 4.0mmol/L) hyperglycaemia occurs when the levels are too high (usually above 15mmol/L).   Hypos can be caused by missing a meal, not eating enough carbohydrates for a given dose of insulin, unplanned...

  • Going to Hospital

    Where possible, appointments should be scheduled early in the morning, allowing for minimal disruption to your diabetes routine.  Make sure you take something to eat after the appointment.   Preparing for Surgery or procedures Provided you and your health care team are...

  • Complications

    There are a number of complications that can result from diabetes.   Damage to the large blood vessels Heart attacks and stroke: having diabetes increases your risk of having a heart attack or stroke. A family history of heart disease or stroke, smoking and being physically...

  • Diabetes and depression

    Your ability to cope with your diagnosis will impact on your overall health. We can't tell you how you'll feel, but we do know that everyone reacts differently.   Coping strategies Don't isolate yourself Don't be hard on yourself Talk to your diabetes health care team and...

  • Travel and Driving

    If you are going on a trip it is essential that you plan your diabetes management for the duration of the journey.   Travel These travel resources have been specifically developed to help people with type 1 diabetes have a safe, fun and hassle-free trip, whether travelling by plane, train...

  • In the Workplace

    Diabetes Queensland has produced a comprehensive guide for employees: An Employee's Guide to Diabetes in the Workplace - which was developed to overcome misconceptions and ignorance around diabetes in the workplace.    The booklet contains in depth information about your...