Managing diabetes

Managing diabetes

Children and Adolescents

Schools, parents and students

Diabetes Basics is an online information centre providing practical advice and guidelines for Queensland schools, including emergency health plans for students, diabetes care plans and the guidelines for Queensland schools for students with diabetes. 


The school guidelines and this website contain important information about diabetes management for students living with diabetes and more detailed recommendations for students with type 1 diabetes. This website also contains information specifically for kids. 


Go to the Diabetes Basics website to find out more. 



Sam's diabetes story

Sam Webb was 11 years old when he 

was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.


Three years after his diagnosis Sam wrote "Sam's Diabetes Story" to help other kids learn about his condition, and the every day struggles he faces. 


Download Sam's Diabetes Story here. 



Transitioning from child to adult 

Many young people living with type 1 diabetes find adolescence challenging, as its the time they start to learn to manage their condition independently of their parents or guardians. Adolescence also signifies the move from child to adult diabetes clinics. This move generally begins at fifteen years and can for some, be a smooth sail from the supportive care they received from their paediatric specialist team to a more self-motivated and independent experience with their new healthcare professional. However, this positive transition is not experienced by all. 


The transition can often leave the young person feeling lost, confused and alone - as the care they begin to receive can be in contrast to the personal and supportive experience they had with their childhood diabetes specialist. This can often lead to the young person "dropping out" of the healthcare system - managing their condition independent of medical professionals at the risk of developing long-term irreversible complications from their type 1 diabetes.


More about young people living with diabetes. 


Youth Transition Survey

The Youth Transition Survey was undertaken in response to the negative experiences young people are having in their transition from child to adult diabetes care.


1, 436 young Australians living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes were surveyed about their transition experience and found young people with diabetes were being overlooked by the Australian healthcare system.


It was found that most young people were concerned about changing doctors and were anxious about the level of care they would receive in the new adult clinic.


The survey asked respondents what they thought of a transition liaison coordinator - to provide support, guidance and information during their transition. 91 per cent of respondents were positive about this idea.


Read the full results from the survey.