Managing diabetes

Managing diabetes

Smarts Programs

The Smarts programs are a range of short group education sessions designed to help you better manage your diabetes.


If you'd like to learn practical skills that can help to improve your diabetes management, we've got the programs for you! Diabetes Queensland is excited to offer a range of Smarts programs to people living with diabetes.


These interactive sessions will increase your confidence and improve self-management of diabetes.


There are five individual Smarts programs:



Confused about carbs?

This session will make you an expert on the myths and facts of carbohydrates. Learn about the different types of carbs and the amount that is best for you. 

For people with type 2 and gestational diabetes.



Your feet are made for walking- so let's keep them healthy.

This 90 minute session will teach you all you need to know about checking and caring for your feet.

For people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.



This workshop helps you understand what your medications are, what they do and how to address any concerns you may have.

For people with type 2 diabetes.



Do you find checking your blood glucose painful? Or suspect you are not getting accurate results? This practical skills session will show you all the best techniques for using your meter to help manage your diabetes.

For people with type 2 diabetes only.



Do you know what is really going into your trolley?

This two hour virtual supermarket tour will help you make healthy choices while shopping. Learn how to decode food labels and spot the techniques used to trick you into buying unhealthy food. This program is delivered in a class setting.

For people with all types of diabetes



What else do I need to know?


The Smarts programs are free of charge and run for two or three hours, dependent on the program.


Groups can take up to 10 participants living with diabetes, and each participant can bring a partner or friend with them for support.

Dates and venues are listed on the What's On section of our website.


SMARTS programs run regularly in Brisbane and Ipswich


Regional Programs also scheduled for Cairns and Kingaroy in March 2018


Bookings are essential for all Smarts programs. To reserve a spot on one of our next Smarts courses or if you simply want to know more about the program call us on 1800 177 055 or email


To keep up to date with all of our events and programs please visit our What's On section. 


Sessions will run regularly across Brisbane and Ipswich. In addition, this year Diabetes Queensland will be taking SMARTS around Queensland.


 Contact us to find a SMARTS program near you.