Managing diabetes

Managing diabetes
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National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS)

Fight diabetes in your community with the NDSS


Did you know that if you have diabetes and hold a Medicare card you are eligible for all sorts of benefits through the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS)?


The National Diabetes Services Scheme - you may have seen it written as the NDSS on posters and signage in your local pharmacy - has been around for some years and was set up to help people with all types of diabetes enjoy a healthier and more active life.


Your doctor or health worker will be able to tell you how you can register. Once signed, you can get free or significantly discounted diabetes products, such as pen needles, from NDSS access points, such as registered pharmacies, across Australia. All you need to do is complete some forms and receive a personal NDSS card..


The NDSS is a Commonwealth Government program managed by Diabetes Queensland in this State.


For information on the NDSS talk to your doctor or health worker or go to the website at


You can also become a member of Diabetes Queensland, which offers a range of practical educational programs and handy support services, so you can feel confident about managing your diabetes and getting the help you need.