Advocacy and support services for Queenslanders living with diabetes

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If you are living with diabetes, or you know someone who is, then Diabetes Queensland is here to help. We are the peak body for Queenslanders living with diabetes and provide a powerful, collective voice for the diabetes community 

We work hard to improve the lives of people affected by all types of diabetes. Through our programssupport groups, advocacy and research we provide the most up to date information, education and support to people living with the condition.  

We also help to educate, support and advise health professionals, the government, researchers and the broader community to improve the general understanding of diabetes and its impact on individuals, families and our community. 

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Our Contact Centre

Our contact centre takes calls from people looking for expert advice and support to manage their diabetes. You can talk to our trained call centre staff or have your questions answered by credentialled diabetes educators, accredited practicing dietitians or an exercise physiologist. 

Call us on 1800 177 055 or email for information and support 


Diabetes Queensland advocates on behalf of Queenslanders living with or at risk of diabetes, as well as their families and carers. We support all people living with diabetes in schools, workplaces and the broader community.  

Our approach to management, prevention and leadership for the diabetes community can be found in the National Diabetes Strategy and Action Plan. 


Diabetes Queensland strives to work with all levels of government to advocate for policies and programs that improve the lives of people living with or at risk of diabetes. We play a strong role in policy development and advocacy and are a committed to providing evidence that informs public and social policy and encourages healthy lifestyles and behaviour.   

Priorities for the 2020 State Election

Find out more about our priorities for Queensland government and the areas we highlighted in the lead up to the 2020 state election.

Queensland Government budget submission 2021

Each year, Diabetes Queensland presents the State Government with a submission that outlines priorities for the diabetes community as part of the Budget process. Read more


The increasing prevalence of all types of diabetes in young people means that teachers are likely to have students with diabetes. Diabetes Queensland provides practical information, advice and other resources about diabetes management.  

Guidelines for Queensland Schools, an initiative of Diabetes Queensland, is a resource for schools, teachers, support staff and parents of students living with all types of diabetes.   


All Queensland employers and employees have certain rights and responsibilities in the workplace. Diabetes Queensland provides information about diabetes in the workplace to support people living with diabetes and their employers 

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When you’re a member of Diabetes Queensland’s Live Your Life Community, you are connected to over 33,000 Queenslanders living with diabetes, their families, carers, supporters and health professionals.  

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