Support groups

Support groups hold an important place in the lives of many people with diabetes. Research has shown that people who attend support groups are more confident about their diabetes and are less likely to suffer depression or stressbecause they feel they have the knowledge to better manage their diabetes.  

Support groups give you the opportunity to meet others living with diabetes, receive the latest information, learn coping and management skills and build friendships with like-minded people. 

Set up a support group

The purpose of a support group is to bring together people who are living with diabetes, their families, their carers, health professionals working within the diabetes community, and members of the broader community who have an interest in diabetes. 

Support groups can be as small as a group of two or three people who meet or talk regularly by phone or the internet to provide support to one another; or it could be as large as one hundred members who come together to hear information from guest speakers and health professionals, share in social outings and run special events. 

Regardless of the size of the support group the objective is the same; to support people living with diabetes. 

If you are interested in setting up a support group, please contact or phone our call centre on 1800 177 055 

Quarterly Forum for Peer Support Group Facilitators

Peer support provides the opportunity for people with diabetes to share their knowledge, experience, emotions, ideas and concerns with one another. Peer support can effectively supplement the knowledge and expertise offered by health professionals and offer assistance in daily management, social and emotional support, and linkages to formal health care or community resources.

Facilitators play a crucial role in maintaining the relevance, effectiveness and appeal of support groups. Often, facilitators undertake their role out of hours, without pay and on top of work and family obligations. In recognition of their importance, Diabetes Queensland convenes a Quarterly Online Forum for Peer Support Group Facilitators.

In 2020, many peer support groups had been unable to meet face to face. The forums will provide an opportunity to hear how groups have been faring since then. The forums will also provide an opportunity for Facilitators to:

  • Share their experiences around dealing with COVID;
  • Provide feedback on our quarterly e-newsletter;
  • Discuss ideas for how the small grants program may be useful for Facilitators.

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Support Groups running across Queensland

Below is a list of the current Support Groups operating across Queensland. Find one that’s close to you and make the connection.  


Brisbane Diabetes Support Group 

Contact: Lisa-Jane Collie 

When: 4th Thurs of each month 10-11:30am 

Location: Brisbane Square Library 

Postcode: 4122 


Diabetes United

Contact: Gus State, 0413 575 104,

Location: Brisbane City

Postcode: 4000

Comments: Bringing together people living with type 1 diabetes, families, friends, and healthcare professionals to collaborate and share experiences with best practices.


SEQ Young Diabetic Catch-Ups 

Contact: Ashleigh Ricardo 

When: Ad-hoc as needed – organised via email 

Location: Online 

Postcode: 4055 


Kambu Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Diabetes Support Group, Ipswich 

Contact: Suzan Chapman 

When: Monthly 

Location: Kambu Health Service, Roderick Street Ipswich 

Postcode: 4305 


Ipswich Diabetes Support Group 

Contact: Marlene Staines  3281 4859 

When: Monthly, 2nd Thursday 9:30-10:30am 

Location: Ipswich Health Plaza 

Postcode: 4305 


Robina Diabetes Support Group 

Contact: Maree Fisher  0407 051 005 

When: Monthly, 1st Monday 1:30-3pm 

Location: Robina Health Precinct 

Postcode: 4226 


Laidley Diabetes Support Group 

Contact: Gloria Weir   5465 1704 

When: Monthly, 3rd Tuesday 12:30pm 

Location: Conference Room, Laidley Health Service 

Postcode: 4341 


Kambu Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Diabetes Support Group, Laidley 

Contact: Suzan Chapman 

When: To be confirmed 

Location: Kambu Health Service, Laidley 

Postcode: 4341 


Toowoomba Type 1 Diabetes Junior’s (T1 DJs) 

Contact: Jenny Thomson  0435 467 487 

When: Parent facebook group; meet up bi-annually 

Location: Various – parks/attractions 

Postcode: 4350 


Toowoomba & Darling Downs Diabetic Group Inc 

Contact: Alma Moore 

When: Monthly, 2nd Wednesday 1:30-3:30pm 

Location: Masonic Hall 

Postcode: 4350 


Goondiwindi Diabetic Support Group 

Contact: Margot Hawker 

When: 2 modes; bi-annual education day & monthly social meet-up, 1st Wed 10am 

Location: Care Goondiwindi 

Postcode: 4390 


Goondir Sugar Shakers, Dalby 

Contact: Marsha Dodd   4679 5900 

When: Monthly 

Location: Goondir Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health service 

Postcode: 4405 


Goondir Sugar Shakers, Oakey 

Contact: Katrina Johnston 

When: To be confirmed 

Location: Goondir Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health service 

Postcode: 4401 


Bribie Island Diabetes Support Group 

Contact: To be confirmed. 

When: Every 3 months, 3rd Wednesday 9:30-11:00am 

Location: Church of Christ Hall 

Postcode: 4507 


Bluecare Diabetes Support Group 

Contact: To be confirmed. 

When: Monthly, 4th Friday 1pm 

Location: Blue Care Caloundra Community Care 

Postcode: 4551 


Murgon Diabetes Support Group 

Contact: Maree Watson  0428 681 823 

When: Monthly, 3rd Monday 9:30-11:30am depending on teleconference time 

Location: Murgon Hospital or Uniting Church Hall 

Postcode: 4605 


Dalar Diabetes Support Group 

Contact: Genette Simpson  41 698 900 

When: Monthly on a Tuesday (week varies based on coordinator availability) 10am-12pm 

Location: Cherbourg Community Health Centre 

Postcode: 4605 


South Burnett Diabetes Support Group, Kingaroy 

Contact: Allison Merton 

When: Monthly on a Thursday (week varies based on coordinator) 

Location: SB Care, Kingaroy 

Postcode: 4610 


Biggenden Diabetes Support Group 

Contact: Carol Chapman 

When: Monthly, last Friday 10:30am-11:30am 

Location: Biggenden Conference Centre 

Postcode: 4626 


Mundubbera Diabetes Support Group 

Contact: Carol Chapman 

When: Monthly, 1st Wednesday 10:30-11:30am 

Location: Mundubbera Community Development Centre 

Postcode: 4626 


Bundaberg & District Diabetic Support Group Inc 

Contact: Beres Mooney   4152 4276 

When: Monthly, last Monday 1:30pm 

Location: Recreation Hall, Bolton Clarke Fairways 

Postcode: 4670 


Bundaberg Juvenile Diabetes Action Support Group 

Contact: Beth Knight 

When: Monthly, last Wednesday 5-6pm 

Location: Be Transformed 

Postcode: 4670 


Capricorn Coast Type 2 Diabetes Support Group 

Contact: Peggy Taylor   0429 476 601 

When: Monthly, 2nd Saturday 10am 

Location: Capricorn Coast Hospital Community Health Room 1 

Postcode: 4703 


Mackay Diabetes Support Group 

Contact: Anne Weller  4952 2260 

When: Monthly, 2nd Friday 9-11am 

Location: Good Shepherd Lodge 

Postcode: 4740 


Type 1 Diabetes Peer Support Network, Townsville 

Contact: Jess Wheeler  4775 6635 

When: Quarterly 12pm 

Location: Various locations 

Postcode: 4814 


TAIHS Diabetes Support Group, Townsville 

Contact: Emily Marshall 

When: Monthly 

Location: Townsville Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Service, Garbutt 

Postcode: 4814 


NWRH Diabetes Support Group, Mount Isa 

Contact: Bella Busch 

When: Monthly 

Location: North West Remote Health, Mount Isa 

Postcode: 4825 


NWRH Diabetes Support Group, Camooweal 

Contact: Bella Busch 

When: Monthly 

Location: North West remote Health, Camooweal 

Postcode: 4828 


Jumbun Diabetes Support Group 

Contact: To be confirmed. 

When: To be confirmed 

Location: Jumbun Community Health Centre 

Postcode: 4854 


Dynamic Intent Cairns Type 1 Diabetes Support Group 

Contact: To be confirmed. 

When: Bi-monthly (even months), 2nd Sunday 12pm 

Location: The Coffee Bean 

Postcode: 4865 


Wuchopperen Diabetes Support Group, Edmonton 

Contact: Roderick Burke 

When: To be confirmed 

Location: Wuchopperen Aboriginal and Islander Health Service, Edmonton 

Postcode: 4869 


Weipa Diabetes Support Group 

Contact: Tonia May  0429 699 300 

When: Monthly, 1st Tuesday 7pm 

Location: Carpentaria Golf Club 

Postcode: 4874 

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