You are what you eat

Active, growing children need good nutrition to build healthy bodies. By encouraging a love of good food and good nutrition, especially during the early school years, can have a positive influence on their future eating habits.

The Dietary Guidelines for All Australians recommends that for best health, children should "enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods".


Children and adolescents should be encouraged to:

  • Eat plenty of vegetables, legumes and fruits
  • Eat plenty of cereals (including breads, rice, pasta and noodles), preferably wholegrain
  • Eat lean meat, poultry and/or alternatives
  • Drink milks, eat yoghurts, cheeses and/or alternatives. Reduced-fat milks are not suitable for young children under 2 years, because of their high energy needs, but reduced-fat varieties should be encouraged for older children and adolescents.
  •  Choose water as a drink

and care should be taken to:

  • Limit saturated fat and moderate total fat intake
  • Avoid low-fat diets for infants
  • Choose foods low in salt
  • Consume only moderate amounts of sugars and foods containing added sugars