Are friends or family not as supportive as you'd like? Don't despair. Our Diabetes Queensland panel has the answers!

Dilemma - My friend says she is supportive of me losing weight and being healthier but always tries to tempt me with cake and big servings of food.

Response - This is a situation where you must practice self love first rather than worry about  displeasing a friend. Don't wait for the situation to arise before discussing the issue. Talk to her now about your health goals and seek her support in helping you achieve them. You may find she has some great ideas. 


Dilemma -There are  lots of morning teas at work and other events.  How do I abstain from all the party food without drawing attention to myself or feeling like a party pooper?

Response - Everyone  deserves a treat now and then. The secret is to "plan'' for it and include it as part of your overall food intake for the week. Look what else you can cut  back on to accommodate it, such as that daily latte or glass of wine. Word of advice: don't  take food back to your desk because you will feel compelled to eat it. 



Dilemma - Do you have any strategies to help me maintain my willpower when it wanes?

Response - Keep a  list of your goals on the fridge to serve as a reminder. Don't beat  yourself up if you do have an off-day or week. It happens. The important thing is to get back on track. Identify your "weak'' moments. Most of us are creatures of habit, so if Friday night is weak point for junk food, consider having the ingredients at hand to make your own pizza - one that is healthy and still tasty.



Dilemma - My family says they would like to be healthier but I'm having trouble getting everyone on board and ditching some bad habits. Help!

Response - Involve the whole family in the planning, whether it is about making lifestyle changes in general or developing a meal plan for the week. Get them to join in the food preparation and clean-up.  While someone in the family has to take the lead, the thinking, work and commitment can't fall to one person. This is a great opportunity to help your kids learn about taking ownership of their goals.



Dilemma - What are two easy things I can do right now to start making a positive difference to my weight or lifestyle in general?

Response - Don't  wait to feel motivated to start. You just have to get going. Start by working  out some real, achievable goals. You can always revisit them. Begin with simple  changes like stopping sugar in your coffee, doing away with white bread and  walking 15 minutes every day then gradually increasing your activity levels.  Guess what? You're doing it!



Dilemma - My partner has this perception that eating healthy will cost us more. Is this the case?

Response - While there may be an initial set-up cost, developing a weekly meal plan can actually save you money as you are not buying goods you might not use.



Dilemma - How do I keep motivated cooking for one? 

Response - Don't  be afraid to make meals that are designed for two or more people. If suitable, they can be frozen for later or used can be used for work lunches. Meal  planning will help you feel more in control, lessen waste and generally make cooking more enjoyable.