Challenge yourself

Are you up for the challenge?   Here are three ideas from our dietitians to kick start some healthy habits.


Challenge 1

Choose one food group to focus on each week and use your  food label reading skills to check whether the products you usually buy are the healthiest ones.  If not, see what other varieties are available.  Once you get to know the healthiest brands you'll know which ones to choose.


Challenge 2

Reduce your added sugar intake for a month.  For example, if you have two teaspoons of sugar in your daily cup of tea or coffee, reduce it to one and half teaspoons. That reduces your added sugar intake by 15 teaspoons over a month.


Challenge 3Pizza _in _box _260x 173

Do away with take-away pizza and make your own. Try thin crust pizza bases from your supermarket or make your own. Add reduced fat cheese, no-added salt tomato paste, lean meats like 97 per cent fat-free ham, shredded chicken breast or prawns. Add lots of vegies like tomato, capsicum, mushrooms, onion, shallots and pineapple. For a fancy touch, try options like chilli prawns, spinach leaves, feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and Spanish onion.