Common terms

Let's start with becoming familiar with some of the common nutritional terms and what they mean - many are just marketing terms used to attract shoppers.


Lite/Light may refer to reduced fat content, but may also be used to describe taste, texture or colour. Check for an explanation on the label and compare fat content per 100g with similar products. 


Baked not fried  products may not be lower in fat. Always check the fat content of the product in the Nutrition Information Panel to determine whether or not it is a healthy choice. 


Cholesterol free does not mean 'fat free' or 'low in saturated fat'. Cholesterol is only found in foods that contain animal products. Therefore, it will not be found in any plant foods. It is more important to eat a diet that is low in saturated fat than one that is low in cholesterol. 


No added sugar means the product contains no added sugars such as fructose, honey or glucose. However, the product may contain just as much natural sugar from milk or fruit and will still affect your blood glucose level. It doesn't mean a product is lower in kilojoules. 


Reduced fat means there is 25 per cent less fat compared to the regular product but it can still contain high levels of fat. Check the nutrition information on the packaging.