Welcome to Healthy shopping

By completing our step-by-step online learning guide to healthy shopping, you will develop the skills to grocery shop and plan your meals with confidence. Make sure to follow the prompts and take part in the online quizzes to test your new knowledge.    



  1. Getting started 
  2. Nutrition 101
  3. Food label know-how
  4. Let's go shopping
  5. Dietitian's tips
  6. Food for thought 


Do you ever get confused when shopping for food? Sometimes we can be seduced into purchasing a particular product because we think it is the 'healthier' option when this isn't the case at all. 


Making informed decisions about the food you eat is a critical part of looking after the health of you and your family.


We know it is not always easy. Our busy lifestyle combined with work and family commitments and the ever increasing array of fast and processed food often results in us opting for convenience over healthy choices.