What will the Zumba of 2015 be?

Do this, do that. Try this, try that. With so many different exercise crazes out there, it's hard to keep track of it all.


So why don't you become the exercise trend setter in your social circle for 2015?


Diabetes Queensland's exercise physiologist Kathryn Kirchner has some predictions on what will be big in exercise in 2015 and she's willing to share her insights with you!


Punk rope - Skipping anyone? Find your inner-child and skip into a punk rope class. Punk rope classes are based on interval skipping sessions that include games, relay races and core training, all to lively music. And yes they're for adults!


Kathryn's verdict

Skipping is great for increasing cardiovascular fitness and improving lower body endurance and coordination.  It's also a high intensity exercise so this class is ideal for people with some exercise experience and a base level of fitness. The high impact nature of skipping may make it difficult for people with some joint issues. Talk to the instructor prior to signing up and start at home by skipping for one to two minutes at a time and gradually building up. Have young kids? Make it a whole family skipping session.


Deskercise - New evidence has found prolonged sitting could be as bad for us as smoking. With this news in the headlines Kathryn predicts that exercises at your desk are going to be the 'in thing' in 2015, so get ahead with Kathryn's deskercise tips.


Kathryn's verdict

If you sit for long periods at work and/or home, deskercise is for you. It is a great way of breaking up long periods of sitting and you can do as little or as many exercises as you want - and in some cases, no one will even notice! Try completing deskercises a few times each day for maximum benefits.


Elliptigo - What do you get when you cross a pushbike and a cross trainer? An elliptigo. Elliptigos are a two wheeled gadget that you use outdoors to replicate running without the impact on your joints.




Kathryn's verdict

Elliptigos are great for anyone looking for a high intensity workout without the high impact (your knees will thank you!). They also provide a great core workout but unfortunately come at a high cost so shop around for a good deal.


Tech training - We are tech savvy nation and exercise is keeping up with the times. You don't have to look far to see people using the latest tech gadgets and apps on their phone or downloading an online workout program.


Kathryn's verdict

Tech trainers are an excellent tool for people if they actually get used - and don't live at home in your cupboard. They can be a great way to track your progress, share workouts, compete with your friends, keep your motivation up and keep workouts varied and interesting.