What is the best type of exercise?

The best type of exercise, is the exercise that you enjoy!


Choosing exercise or activities that you enjoy means you are more likely to stick with it.


Any type of activity is good if it makes you move your body and makes your muscles work more than usual.


You might choose to walk, cycle, dance, swim, play golf, or exercise to a DVD. They are all good for your health, but it is the exercise that you like most, that is best for you, as it means that you will do it more regularly.


You might like to exercise with a friend or join a group, as this will also increase the likelihood that you will exercise more regularly.


Recently, Diabetes Queensland organised an expedition to the Great Ocean Road. Six people joined together to get fit, meet new people, have fun, but also support people living with diabetes.


Here is what they said about the event:


'It was great! I enjoy walking and I generally try to walk in the mornings, but this was a new adventure, it allowed me to get out in the fresh air and try something different. As a group we relied on each other to provide laughs, encourage, give a hand and celebrate how far we had already come.' Julie


'To walk the Great Ocean Road was something I'd had on my list of things to do.  It was a first time for me to sign up for such a challenge, which made me feel a little inhibited at first. Pushing these reservations aside, I quickly decided to go for it!  I'm so glad I did. During the challenge, it was lovely to be with five other like-minded people, of different ages - we were all there to make a difference.' Nicky 


If walking is an activity you would like to try more of, here are some helpful tips:

• Find a good pair of comfortable lightweight shoes, and remember a hat for sunprotection.

• Build up slowly, particularly if you haven't done much exercise lately. Start with a15minute walk and increase gradually.

• Warm up and warm down. Incorporate a warm up at the beginning of your walkwhere you walk at a slower intensity to get the body going. Aim to do a few cooldown stretches after your walk to reduce muscle soreness and stiffness the nextday.



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