Turn it Around in 2015

Do you want to lose weight, save money and reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes in 2015?  By making a few small changes to your diet you can achieve all three!


By eating one less junk food item every day in 2015 you can make a huge difference to your overall health, save more than $1100 a year and stop 10.2 kilograms of potentially dangerous weight gain in the process. Are you up for the challenge?


It's simple. Every week cut out one item of junk food a day. Over a week that means:


  • One less burger
  • One less beer
  • One less sugary drink
  • Two less sweet biscuits
  • One less packet of potato chips
  • One less chocolate bar and
  • One less slice of cake.




We tend to think that an extra treat here and there won't hurt, or that we can burn off those bikkies with a little exercise. However, if you wanted to burn off all the kilojoules in all of the junk items listed above you would have to run 28 marathons. Plus with the money you save you could buy return flights to Los Angeles. That's ridiculous!


Take the challenge and you will save yourself:


  • 3.4 kilograms of fat
  • 6.5 kilograms of sugar
  • 160.8 grams of salt.


Which will save you:


  • 377,312 kilojoules
  • 10.2 kilograms of potentially dangerous weight gain.


Just imagine what $1100 could buy you…


  • Return flights to LA
  • 68 adult movie tickets
  • A year's gym membership
  • 8inch Full HD Smart 3D LED-LCD TV.


Join Diabetes Queenland in our fight to turn it around in 2015!