Ticket machine accepts 30 squats as payment

If you could earn a free fare on public transport just by doing some exercise, would you?


That's what happened in Russia with the 'squat-to-ride' initiative. Instead of purchasing a fare, passengers could opt to pay for their fare by doing 30 squats in under 2 minutes in front of a special squat sensor. Unfortunately, no count was taken on the number of free tickets issued but what an amazing initiative to get people moving! We wonder how many people didn't quite make the 30 in 2 minutes and had to buy their ticket anyway? 


Incentive-driven approaches to fighting obesity are happening all over the world. In Dubai, the government offers people 1 gram of gold for every 1kg they lose. In Mexico, they have a similar 'squat to ride' initiative. We wonder if the Australian Government would consider such incentive-based initiatives to get people moving. 


Diabetes Queensland Accredited Exercise Physiologist Kathryn Kirchner says "studies show that financial rewards are an effective motivation for weight loss in the short term." The best motivation however, comes from within yourself.


"So instead of relying on others for incentive to get you moving, perhaps think about the personal benefits you'll receive from exercise. Write them somewhere visible and read them everyday. Use this as a reminder to get started, and build up your exercise slowly", says Kathryn.