The multi-tasking workout

We're all busy and while we may try to live actively, sometimes it can seem hard to fit exercise into a busy day.  To make your life easier we bring you the multi-tasking workout!


Created with the help of Diabetes Queensland's exercise physiologist Kathryn Kirchner - this workout is designed to fit in with your schedule.  You can thank us later!


The email cycle:  Instead of sitting at the desk or on the couch to complete mundane tasks like checking your emails, paying bills or simply Facebooking.  Jump on an exercise bike at the gym or at home and do these tasks while working up a sweat with your tablet or laptop in hand.

Kathryn -on -bike


The washing wall sit: Got some washing to fold?  Set the basket next a wall and do a wall squat while folding your clothes.  Make sure you keep you back flat against the wall and your hips, knees and ankles at right angles.

 The -washing -wall -sit


The vacuum lunge: Squeeze in an extra leg workout by doing a few lunges while vacuuming.  As you push the vacuum cleaner forward, take a big step and lunge.  Make sure your front knee stays behind your toes.

Vacuum -lunge


The walking meeting: Walk around the block (or a few) for some fresh air and talk strategies. Don't forget to be SunSmart and dress for the conditions.

Walking -meeting


The waiting stretch: We spend a lot of time waiting at work, at home or for public transport. Whether we're waiting for the kettle to boil, for the printer to print or for the toilet to be free - you can use this time to do a few quick stretches.