Run way from flu season

It already feels like the cooler weather has set in which, for some of us means, we feel less inclined to leave our warm bed for a bit of morning exercise.


Could this lack of movement be making us more vulnerable to colds and the flu?

"One of the best ways to dodge the flu is to exercise regularly", Diabetes Queensland accredited exercise physiologist Kathryn Kirchner said.

"Being active for at least 30 minutes every day will help your body's immune system fight bacteria and viruses (such as the flu) more efficiently."

Kathryn's top tips to help you stay warm and safe while exercising in the cold:

1.    Pay attention to weather conditions.  Check the forecast and then plan a safe cold-weather workout.  You may like to exercise mid-afternoon when the weather is warmer.

2.    Swap your outdoor activities such as cycling or walking for indoor activities such as a spinning class or walking on a treadmill. 

3.    Warm up.  Before any workout, it's always important to warm up your body and give it time to adjust to the conditions.

4.    Dress appropriately.  Wear layers that you can remove as soon as you start to sweat then put back on as needed.  Avoid cotton which stays wet against your skin.

Remember, while exercise can help boost your immune system, be gentle on yourself if you already have a cold or the flu.  Listen to your body and give it time to recover.  Talk to your GP or health professional for more information.