Rethink your drink

Would you add 16 teaspoons of sugar to your lunchtime salad? Or sprinkle it on top of your steak at dinner? Would you eat 16 teaspoons of sugar because you are little bit thirsty?

Of course you wouldn't! But every time you drink a 600ml bottle of soft drink that is exactly what you're doing, with a whopping 64 grams of sugar - or about 16 teaspoons - in every bottle.

Australians are one of the highest consumers of soft drink in the world - and it's making us fat! One can of soft drink per day can contribute to a 6.75kg weight gain over one year. So this year, swap the soft drink for water and achieve a healthier U. 

What about diet soft drink?

For almost every regular soft drink there is a diet option. Diet soft drinks use artificial sweeteners to replace sugar and therefore have virtually zero kilojoules. Sounds like a perfect alternative doesn't it? Unfortunately it's not. Studies have shown that consumption of diet soft drinks may actually lead to weight gain. Interestingly, it appears that consuming artificially sweetened foods may actually increase our consumption of other foods throughout the day. Frequently consuming sweet foods and drinks - whether they are artificially sweetened or not - trains our brains to crave sweet foods which further contribute to weight gain.


Soft drinks and teeth

If you still need another reason to rethink your drink, consider your teeth. The consumption of the equivalent of one can of soft drink per day increases tooth decay. Additionally, most soft drinks and sports drinks contain acids that can soften tooth enamel leaving them vulnerable to decay.


Rethink Sugary Drinks

So what's the answer? Rethink those sugary drinks. Swap naturally and artificially sweetened drinks for healthier alternatives like water or low fat milk. Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go and keep cold water in the fridge for an easy refreshing drink. For more ideas and information on our campaign visit  Drinks For Rethink Sugary Drink