On the hunt for a healthy Easter

Chocolate eggs and hot cross buns have been on supermarket shelves since Boxing Day, making it really hard to resist temptation every time you do the weekly grocery shop. If you've managed to resist so far, you might be at risk of an Easter blowout when Good Friday rolls in. Diabetes Queensland's health experts have joined forces to help you plan your Easter survival strategy.


1. Plan for success

Planning ahead this Easter will help you to stay on track to a healthier U. If you are planning a celebration at your house put together a healthy menu with plenty of lean meat, seafood, salads and fruit. If you are celebrating elsewhere, offer to bring a plate of food to share so that you know there will be some healthy food choices for you. Remember to load at least half of your plate up with fresh salads first and fill the remaining half with lean meat and a small potato or grain bread.


2. Sunday is chocolate day

It's okay to treat yourself on special occasions and it's pretty hard to avoid chocolate at Easter. However, those chocolate eggs can hang around the house long after the Easter long weekend - begging us to indulge at times when we wouldn't normally be tempted. Dietitian Liz Harburg suggests buying just enough eggs so everyone can enjoy a chocolate treat on Easter Sunday. Spending less money on chocolate means you'll have extra cash to buy some toys or sports equipment to keep the family active over the Easter break.


3. Easter hunts

Start an active family tradition this year with an Easter hunt. The whole family will love following clues and racing around the backyard in search of Easter goodies. And who says that you have to search for chocolate eggs? Check out this great idea from a Diabetes Queensland staff member."When I was young my brother couldn't eat chocolate so at Easter my mum would buy a jigsaw puzzle and place a small number of pieces in envelopes that she would hide around the backyard. Each envelope had clue written on it directing us to the next envelope. When we found all the envelopes, my brother and I would put the jigsaw together. It kept us occupied for hours!"